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 Information about JAF and why it has stopped

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Information about JAF and why it has stopped Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100Information about JAF and why it has stopped Right_bar_bleue : 2009-01-18

Information about JAF and why it has stopped _
PostSubject: Information about JAF and why it has stopped   Information about JAF and why it has stopped EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 1:21 pm

<BLOCKQUOTE class="postcontent restore ">Dear JAF users,

many of you are asking why JAF project stopped. I think for the ones who really can think logical and see the evolution of mxkey after they start killing JAF project can understand what is really happend, if still have doubt i will write here some explanation.

We was forced to stop it since in gsmhosting there are 2 mafia teams, each of them are looking for their own benefit, zulea's gang was always looking to create an own nokia flasher and to do it more fast and open a market, they has thrathened the familly of the jaf coder, my own familly and the famillys of some product supporters. In same time they released some software, which destroyed the pkey smart card. After this mxkey was pushed on the market for a cheap price. In same time zulea's gang try to blackmail me and the jaf coder in order to gather the amound of 120.000 euro from me or my familly, and the amount of 200.000 euro from jaf coder or his familly. After pkey start be killed, zulea's gang started with help of the gsmhosting admins, to create rumour that JAF pkey are killed by JAF team. The game was well planned and also wery well placed in the right time. Now after more than one year, you can see very well who is the winner of this game: Zulea's team and Gsmhosting Ltd, since zulea's mxkey dominate the market now while JAF is dead.

The loosers of this game are of course the JAF customers who got their hardware destroyed and JAF team, but i think the real loosers of this dirty game of the 2 mafia teams (Zulea and Gsm Hosting Ltd), are in fact the familly of the JAF coder, the familly of the product supporter Andress and my own familly as well. I am in this gsm field from 1997, but i never seen such dirty things happen, nor i could ever imagine that something like this would be possible.

We are working on new box, but first of all, we have to care our famillies and try to suit by law the ones created trouble to our famillies and still create and still blackmail us.

The structure of the 2 gangs

First gang:

ZULEA's is the head of this an international criminal organisation, he is not working alone, his real name is Daniel Henzulea, and his actions he do with help of follow people.

#Yoyo - the girl friend of Marian Henzulea, cinese citizen

#Marian Henzulea (Brother) romanian citizen

#Nicolae Henzulea (Father) romanian citizen

#Alim Hape indonesian citizen, i am not sure if this is his real name

#unknown person using nick name "Gsm Easy", probably pakistanian citizen

#unknown person using nick name "GBLUEZ", probably indonesian citizen

#unknown person using nick name "ANDRA", probably indonesian citizen

#Daniel Ianischevschi and his partner in the company xinsys located in hong kong

#Patricia Iaischevschi the wife of Daniel Ianischevschi

#A guy from Sibiu, Romania nick name "Tibi" (see picture in attachment) offered 500 EUR reward for his real identity please contact me by PM in case you are romanian and you konw him!

#Pirlici Daniel, romanian citizen, taking care of blackmail operation in romania against JAF coder

#Viru indian citizen, living in china

#J.C. viru's brother, indian citizen, living in china

# Opo Daniel , romanian citizen, living in china, company xinsys ltd hong kong

Second Gang:

GSM Hosting Ltd
Frank Zeitler, German citizen
Rudolph Polsak, austrian citizen
Antham Adhan, egyptian citizen

Information about JAF and why it has stopped Paperclip Attached Images

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="postcontent lastedited">Last edited by Raskal; 24th-November-2010 at 03:46 AM. </BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE class="signature restore">B.R.,

<BLOCKQUOTE class="postcontent restore ">GSM Hosting LTD, detain one domain which is worth a lot of money. The value of this domain is based on visitors/day, this mean their domain have no traffic, the domain will worh less money. I belive that Frank Zeitler, actualy the responsable person of this forum, the real owner, liked to have this kind of "war" since this will generate more traffic for his forum. Our solicitor asked Gsm Hosting Ltd many times to remove the JAF support section from the gsm hosting page, in order to protect our customer, but they refused to do so. Also we asked them to remove the gsm traders online shop from their page, also this they did not do. They must have a very clear reason for it, since 2 letters from our solicitor were simply ignored. </BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE class="signature restore">B.R.,

<BLOCKQUOTE class="postcontent restore ">Thanks for the info my friend, you know count on me raskal.

User's Just Another Flasher
remember ODEON working in new project for users JAF...




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<BLOCKQUOTE>Information about JAF and why it has stopped Pts_logo</BLOCKQUOTE>


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Information about JAF and why it has stopped

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